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After much consideration, the decision has been made to close the 1&1 Customer Forum. The forum and all content within will be taken offline on November 15, 2017. Please save all self-created content, in particular, posts or private messages.

We encourage you to continue to partake in our product Communities:

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We would like to thank you all for your contribution to the forum. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at help@1and1.com.

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  1. Forum Guidelines

    The 1&1 Customer Support Forum is a platform in which customers may share experiences and discuss products and services with 1&1 employees and other customers. This free service is provided to all 1&1 customers. 1&1 employees identify themselves with a specific signature.

    All 1&1 Customer Support Forum users are welcome to answer questions and help each other to solve problems. Additionally, members of the 1&1 support team will try to answer general questions as soon as possible. Complex problems are solved individually by experts of the various Customer Care Departments. 1&1 does not guarantee that questions can be answered within a specific period of time.

    1. Moderation:

      Forums do not work properly without moderation. Our moderators ensure that forum regulations and netiquette are not violated.

      Moderators may delete posts if they violate the 1&1 Support Forum Regulations and/or legal regulations (for more information see: Section Postings) or do not refer to the thread topic. This is not censorship; rather it is to ensure that the forum provides objective and target-aimed communication to all users. Repeated violations of the Support Forum Regulations may result in a ban. There is no legal right to use this forum.

      Administrators do not check or enable posts before publishing, since generally very few users violate forum regulations. Users may report violations of the Forum Regulations to moderators.

      If a user is banned due to repeated warnings by moderators, the user may not register another account under the same or another nickname. The concerned user may contact a moderator or administrator to ask for information about his/her ban.

    2. Registration:

      1. You may register to the forum with your 1&1 customer ID and your service password. There is no need to subscribe. Please note that your login data also provides access to your customer control panel. 1&1 parties could use this to change your contract. 1&1 assumes no liability.
      2. Therefore, passing on your login data to others is explicitly prohibited.
      3. When you first log in, you may choose an individual pseudonym. You may not use nicknames that may refer to other persons and institutions or that violate third party rights. 1&1 employees and forum moderators have access to your customer data, even if you are using a pseudonym, to ensure the best support possible.
      4. If you would like to change your pseudonym, the consent of an administrator is required. Consent will only be granted in exceptional cases.
      5. After registration, you may provide further information in your profile.
      6. You may use a personalized signature for your posts. Linking to advertisements is not allowed. You must use the smallest font possible.
      7. You may use a personalized avatar. The avatar├óÔé¼Ôäós size may not exceed 120x120 pixels or 40kB.
      8. You are obligated to inform moderators immediately if third parties gain access to your login data. Please notice that you are responsible for any action taken using your account.
      9. Only customers of 1&1 Internet Inc. are allowed to use the 1&1 Customer Support Forum. At the time your contractual relationship ends, you may not use the forum any more.

    3. Postings:

      1. Before posting a question or starting a new thread, please read existing postings. Your problem might have already been solved somewhere else.
      2. Please post your question to the correct subject area. Within these areas you will find sub forums that specify the topics.
      3. Please choose a meaningful headline to distinguish your posting from other threads. Please do not use special characters and capital letters only to attract attention.
      4. Please keep the Support Forum neat, that means: do not post the same questions to several threads. Administrators reserve the right to delete double postings.
      5. Please consider that you are communicating with other people. Therefore, please respect the general netiquette:
        1. Everyone has the right to state his/her own opinion. Please do not try to force others to recede from his/her opinion.
        2. Discussions shall be objective, so please be polite and respect moderators as well as other users. Postings that are only meant to provoke others are prohibited and will be deleted.
        3. Posting your own experience as well as critique is welcome, but you must not insult others. It is not enough to replace insults with ***.
        4. Using a vulgar language and insulting others is prohibited. This applies to natural and juristic persons as well as to institutions.
        5. Please do not name 1&1 employees in your postings. This does not apply to referring to postings of 1&1 employees in the Support Forum.
      6. Please do not post personal data. Since you are registered with your customer ID, our moderators already have access to your customer data. This simplifies the handling of questions on your contract or technical problems. Please note that your customer data is not visible to other users.
      7. Posting commercial advertising is prohibited.
      8. 1&1 Internet reserves the right to delete postings.
      9. Any user can contact you via a personal message. Recipients will only see the sender's user name, no additional personal data will be transmitted by the forum software. Sending mass messages and advertising via personal message are strictly prohibited.
      10. Every user is responsible for links in his/her postings. It is prohibited to link to a website with illegal content.
      11. It is prohibited to distribute information, software or other material containing viruses, defects, manipulations or other malicious elements.
      12. Postings against minorities (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
      13. Discussions shall be objective. If you do not agree with others, do not use insults. If you have been insulted, please inform a moderator or administrator.
      14. Postings / claims must be true. You are obligated to prove your claims on request.
      15. You may only name or recommend a website, a product or a company, if it refers to the topic and is important for other users. This must not be used for advertising purposes. It is irrelevant if you benefit from the advertising directly or indirectly.
      16. Links to or postings of either erotic / pornographic content or offers, in particular images, are prohibited.
      17. You are responsible for your postings.
      18. Violating these regulations may lead to a permanent ban.

    4. Data Protection:

      1. When you post a question, 1&1 saves your actual IP address and the relevant time stamp to avoid abuse of the 1&1 Support Forum.
      2. Our software uses cookies to save your personal settings during your usage of the Support Forum. You may deactivate cookies in your browser. Please note that you may only post in the Support Forum, if your PC accepts cookies. You may delete these cookies after using the Support Forum.
      3. We may use your customer ID and your personal data to solve your posted problems, if necessary. This data will not be used for advertising purposes or distributed to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation to do so.
      4. You use the Support Forum at your own risk. 1&1 Internet does not assume any liability for proper functioning of the Support Forum or lost data.

  2. Change of the Terms and Conditions of Use

    If 1&1 changes the Terms and Conditions of Use, you will be informed the next time you visit the forum. Further use of the forum means accepting these changes. If you disagree, 1&1 reserves the right to exclude you from the forum.

  3. Disclaimer

    1&1 Internet does not assume any liability for the content, the validity and the form of any postings, even concerning its own postings. 1&1 Internet is not responsible for and has no influence on any linked website or its content.

    Provided any clause of these Regulations is invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The parties undertake to replace the invalid clause with a valid clause coming closest to the original meaning and corresponding to legal provisions.