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2.1. Registration and login

2.1. Registration and login


When you first log in you will be forwarded to the registration page. After accepting the terms and conditions, you will need to enter some personal information:

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  1. Username - This is the name you may choose as pseudonym. This username will be displayed in your postings. Usernames are unique, if your username is already taken, you will have to choose a different one.

It is possible that other fields need to be filled out as well. The captcha image protects the page against spam robots. You have to write the letters you can see on the image into the related text field. You can recreate and enlarge the image if you have difficulties reading it. If you do not manage to complete that step you can contact an administrator.


Login window

With an existing 1&1 customer account you can login to the page. Click on the menu item Login and enter your 1&1 customer ID, your 1&1 domain name or your 1&1 username and your service password.